Corns and Calluses


n The most common foot lesions treated by podiatrists
n Thickened layer of skin due to pressure and friction  
§ Corn – thicker, more focal area, more common on the toes
§ Callus – diffuse thickening of the skin, more common

                under the ball of the foot

n Causes
§ Tight footwear
§ Toe/bone deformities (bunions,


§ Biomechanical/gait abnormalities  


Treatment for Corns and Calluses

          n Self-treatment is not recommended

n Corn pads/ topical solutions – contain acid that can erode normal skin,  producing burns and/or ulcers
n Self-cutting may also be dangerous and result in lacerations/infections
n Patients are advised to use proper footwear and non-medicated padding
n Podiatric care can include
n Professional debridement/shaving of thickened tissues
n Using padding and shoe inserts to off-load pressure
n Surgical options