Athlete's Foot  (Tinea Pedis)

n A skin disease caused by a fungus
n   Shoes create a warm, dark, and humid environment that encourages fungal growth
n   Genetic susceptibility plays a large role
n   Symptoms:
n  Dry, red, itching, scaling tissues
n  Blisters
n  Odor
n  Secondary bacterial

     infections may occur




Treatment for Athlete's Foot

n  Your podiatrist can recommend
n  Topical antifungals
n  Oral antifungals
n  Drying agents
n  Changes in footwear and socks
n  Prevention
n  Avoid walking barefoot in common areas
n  Reduce perspiration using foot powders
n  Change shoes frequently and wear light/breathable footwear
n  Wear socks that keep the feet dry and wick away moisture